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Everybody makes mistakes at times, forgetting to pay attention to the little things in life. Taking inspiration from his own life where one of those very types of mistakes changed the course of his and another man's destinies forever comes the brainchild of Fred George and the George Publishing Company: The Indispensable Keychain. Just try to lose your keys now!

George's own life may have been forged in the crucible of a hospital nurse's momentary lack of attention, but this key fob makes sure that your car and house keys, your comb, and a pen are always right there at your attention! Anyone searching for indispensable keychain accessories in Boston, MA can stop their search right here!

This indispensable little device comes equipped with a strong rubber band that stretches 24 inches! It's a key fob attached to a ring that allows you to turn the ignition on your car without the need to sacrifice any driving comfort or undergo even the slightest annoyance. You will probably forget it's even there … but no worries, it will do all the remembering for you! It easily attaches and detaches to and from a belt loop in two seconds with a simple clip.

Looking for indispensable keychain accessories in Boston, MA? Look no further! As shown in Fred George's gripping autobiography Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World attests, even a momentary lapse in thought can have the most profound consequences on your life and even reverberate in someone else’s life.

Most of us have experienced being locked out of our house, our apartment, or our car at some point in our life. The accessories are only $9.00 with free shipping!

With this indispensable key fob at your side, there's no need to remember where you left your keys. Pick one up today for only $9.00 … before you forget!

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