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Most booksellers with vast knowledge of autobiography book selling, and even those with experience in the world of online book selling, have never come across a story as amazing as the George Publishing Company's newest autobiography, author Fred George's Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World.

It's every expecting parent's worst nightmare. Even the most harried parents-to-be don't allow the fear of getting the wrong baby to become an actual worry. Hospital staff will take care of them, they figure. With today's high-tech bracelets affixed to every newborn, it's a nightmare that no other parent should ever have to endure again. But it happened in a New Zealand hospital in 1946 after a nurse had given two babies in the nursery their bath and put them back down in the wrong bassinets.

It took Fred George and his family, as well as the family of the boy he was mistaken for, over 57 years to figure out just what had happened and why he never seemed to fit in or why he didn't even really resemble the rest of his family. He details every aspect of what he went through in his autobiography.

It sounds almost impossible to believe and even more impossible to imagine, but this is one amazing story that—for Boston, MA area resident Fred George and his family—is all too true.

You may have read about his story in The Patriot Ledger, seen it on Fox News, or heard about it on the radio, but you don't know the half of it! Fred George has come forward with his story hoping to help those who might be in similar positions find the answers to their own DNA mysteries.

If you are looking for books for sale in Boston, MA, compare the awesome life story of Fred George with your own!

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