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Autobiography sales in Boston, MA will forever be changed by the life story of Fred George, Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World.

Inadvertently mistaken for another newborn in a New Zealand hospital by a nurse after giving a pair of infants their baths, George Publishing Company's newest autobiography tells the intimate thoughts of a man who grew up feeling like something of an outsider … in his own family!

A friend of Fred George's brothers named Jim Churchman often came by the George house to play. After a few visits, it started to occur to George that Jim Churchman seemed more comfortable under his roof and more at home with his family than even he did! Churchman had dark hair and bore a much larger physical resemblance to his Lebanese family than he. What is more, Jim Churchman didn't seem to fit in with his fair-haired Scottish family, either.

Churchman's presence in George's life would remain a strange and haunting constant. In fact, the two even worked together at one point in this all-too-strange and surreal saga of mix-up and mishap. Still, the two were content to live their own lives as who they believed themselves to be until Churchman's own family history of heart trouble got him thinking about the mystery of a lifetime once again.

Not until Fred George returned to New Zealand and the two had DNA tests did they know for sure what they suspected was true all along.

In Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World, Fred George's autobiography, the Boston, MA-area man reveals what it was like growing up as the wrong person in the wrong family.

Reserve your copy of this incredibly poignant tale of humanity, perseverance, and, ultimately, one man's forgiveness.

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